Tips to Lose Weight Starting Today

Tips to Lose Weight Starting Today

Tips to Lose Weight Starting Today


You’ve looked in the mirror and don’t like what you see around the waist line. You’re ready to start losing weight, but you want to give it a good push today so you can get a head start. Here’s what you can do to start the process of losing weight, starting today.


1. Don’t Skip Meals


Skipping meals might have you feel like you’re losing weight right away, but it also sets the stage for calorie craving later. Make sure that you eat breakfast so that your metabolism gets started for the day. Then spread out the other meals throughout the day so you have 3-4 additional meals after breakfast instead of a large lunch and a larger final meal.


2. Start Drinking More Water


Did you know that many hunger “cravings” are caused because you’re feeling thirsty? When you do feel thirsty, reach for some water instead of some juice, a soda, or a cup of flavored coffee. If you substitute a glass of water for a glass of juice, you’ve just saved yourself 120-240 calories. Now if you’re drinking three glasses of juice and you substitute them for water, you may have just eliminated 720 calories from your diet.

One note: Black coffee has the same calorie content as water, but because it contains caffeine (even non-caffeinated coffee still contains 10-20mg of caffeine), it can cause you to become dehydrated anyway.


3. Eliminate the Processed Foods


Highly processed foods are usually made with refined sugars and white flour. These items are often fortified with vitamins and minerals, but that doesn’t mean they’ll help to support a healthier wait. Look for foods that contain whole grains instead and you won’t even need to give up your bread products.

1 slice of whole-wheat bread contains an average of 69 calories. White bread has an average of 10% more calories per slice.

Not only do you save some calories, but you’ll be adding more nutrients that can support a faster metabolism and help with nutrient uptake at the same time.


4. Give Yourself 20 Minutes Each Day


Make time for yourself every day. Give yourself 20 minutes outside of your regular routine. Reserve 10 minutes for some type of exercise, even if you’re already exercising on a regular basis. Then use the other 10 minutes to spend time in meditation. This will work to combat the stress and anxiety that can creep up during the day and encourage eating as a coping mechanism. Both activities support the metabolism and added exercise helps to burn any extra calories you’ve got going on.

Just make sure you don’t use the exercise as an excuse to eat a doughnut every day.


5. Stay Motivated


Why do you want to lose weight right now?

There are many reasons why other people might want you to lose weight, but you need to focus on yourself. Are there clothes in the back of your closet you want to wear again? Do you want to have more energy to play with the kids more often? Forget about the people who are encouraging (nagging) you about your weight and look at yourself. Meet your goals, not their goals, and start your journey from there.


6. No More Procrastination


The time to start is right now. Don’t wait until tomorrow to set this resolution. You can begin to lose weight beginning today, even if the scale doesn’t reflect a change.
There will always be challenges to life that make it difficult to focus on weight loss every day. Make it a priority now and it will be easier to find time later.

Losing weight is a long journey that must have a beginning. These ideas will help you take those first difficult steps toward the fitness goals you want to meet.

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