Managing Love in the Modern World

Managing Love in the Modern World

Finding an old-fashioned love is still possible in the modern world.

Today’s culture might be focused more on hooking up than forming permanent bonds, but that doesn’t mean catching someone’s eye across a room can’t lead to a happily ever after.

If you’ve been on a date recently, you may have noticed that many people tend to be more focused on their phone than you. It’s entirely possible that as you’re ordering dinner, they’re on the phone handling a business emergency.

You don’t need to compromise who you are or go through rounds of meaningless sex to find love.


Where Do You Find a Potential Partner with Common Interests?


“The club isn’t the best place to find a lover, so the bar is where I go.”

This lyric from Ed Sheeran epitomizes the current culture of love, but this process of hooking up isn’t anything new. People have been going to bars, clubs, and even churches to hook up with others for generations.

If you’re looking for an old-fashioned kind of love, you need to find someone with common interests. That means joining groups that will help you to explore the things you already love.


  • Join a hiking group if you love to explore a nature trail.
  • Join a cooking group if you enjoy food and experimenting with recipes.
  • Join a singles group if you want to like meeting lots of new people.


There is never a guarantee that you’ll find a potential partner when you join a local group. You will, however, have more of an opportunity to get to know people, form bonds, and create friendships by doing so. In finding a good friend, one often finds a love they never thought they could find.


It Is Important to Define What Love Means to You


In a culture that is focused on hooking up, love and sex are two separate components. For committed couples with years together under their belt, love and sex are different expressions of the same emotion.

Having a romantic connection brings a rush of adrenaline that can be extremely enthralling. Having a connected and committed type of love can be equally exciting.

It all depends on how you decide to define love.

Love can be anything. It can be going to the bar to hook up with someone. It could be holding hands with someone as you walk down a quiet trail in a park. It can be a picnic lunch.
Love can even be sitting with someone as they deal with the struggles of a really bad day. When you define love, you can find it.

For many, that’s why love is elusive. It has never been personally defined.


We Must Risk Something to Gain What Love Can Bring


Far too often, love tends to disappoint people. It causes them to get lost in their books, favorite movies, or a tub of triple-chocolate brownie ice cream when something doesn’t work out as expected.

When love is disappointing, it feels “right” to avoid it.

Avoidance, however, will only bring forth one outcome: loneliness.

Love will always be a risk. To fully love, it is necessary to give yourself to another. The expectation is that you’ll receive the same in return. There is a certain equality to the relationship that can be found.
And that equality can be broken at any time.

We all have idealized visions of what love should be. A fortunate few do find their vision and live a fairy-tale life. For those who don’t experience “perfection,” a perfect relationship can be found if risk can be embraced.

Define what love means to you. Take a risk. Find someone who shares your definition. That is how you can get your happily ever after in the modern world.

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