How Much Sex is Too Much?

How Much Sex is Too Much?

Sex is a good thing. Can having too much of it be a bad thing?

From a medical standpoint, the answer is a resounding “no”. For men, having more sex may lead to reduced risks of common health issues with the prostate.

Men who have 21+ orgasms per month can lower their risk of developing prostate cancer by one-third later in life compared to those who have 7 or less orgasms per month. For some men, having frequent sex over the course of an entire year may reduce their risks of prostate cancer development by over 50%.


It’s not just men who benefit from frequent sex. Women who have sex at the same frequency as men at the 21+ orgasm level experience lower levels of stress, experience better sleep, and experience less pain. Frequent sex can also create lighter menstrual periods with fewer cramps, bolster immunity, and burn plenty of calories.


Sex Is One of the Best Cardio Exercises You Can Do


If you struggle to get yourself onto a treadmill or go for a walk around the neighborhood, then you might wish to consider having more sex. Cardiologists compare sexual activity to a moderate workout on a treadmill. If you’re having a lengthy session, it is possible to burn 250+ calories during the encounter – and still reap all the other health benefits at the same time.

Other muscles receive a good workout during sex as well. The thighs, back, and buttocks all receive toning during sexual intercourse.


Is an Orgasm Required to Receive the Health Benefits of Sex?


Not every sexual encounter results in an orgasm, especially for women. That creates a natural question: is an orgasm necessary to receive the benefits that sex can provide?

The answer is complex.

For men, the prostate benefits only come with achieving an orgasm. It doesn’t matter how that orgasm is achieved. Through dreams or self-indulgence, the goal should be to reach the 21+ orgasm plateau every month to lower the risks of future prostate issues.

For women, an orgasm brings the largest rush of hormones to the body, so it can provide the biggest potential benefit. Hormone development begins during a sexual encounter, however, so an orgasm isn’t completely necessary to receive a health benefits. Orgasms are the best option, but any sexual contact can help.


When Can Having Too Much Sex Become Problematic?


Because having sex triggers the pleasure centers of the mind, it can become an addictive activity. If all a person can think about is having sex and these thoughts are interfering with their career, their relationships, or other aspects of life, then the problems it has created outweigh the physical benefits that are being received.

Highly active sex that occurs regularly at night can also be a source of physical energy for some people. Instead of finding a sounder level of sleep, frequent sex right before bed can be the source of insomnia.

There are also health concerns that must be addressed when having frequent sex with multiple partners. Too much sex of this type can lead to sexually transmitted infections or diseases if adequate personal safety measures are not implemented. Always practice safe sex, especially if you are outside of a monogamous relationship.


You cannot have too much sex, but you might not be having enough. Whether you’re with someone you love, someone you just met, or you’re on your own, having sex is one of the best things you can do for your health if you approach each encounter with an appropriate level of caution. Having more sex could be the best decision you make this year.

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