How to Have the Best Sex Ever

How to Have the Best Sex Ever

Have you ever had a sexual encounter you’d prefer to forget?

Good sex is more than finding someone attractive or knowing what a good position happens to be. That will only take you so far.

Having the same sex with the same partner will only take you so far as well.

Sex can be incredible, even if you’ve been with the same partner for 20 years, with the right approach. If things have become a little stale, consider changing things up with these ideas.

Talk About What You Like

Instead of having a partner guess what you like through trial and error, just tell them. That doesn’t mean graphic pillow talk needs to happen. If something doesn’t feel right, say something. If you love something, then ask for more of it. Suggest going in a new direction or adjust your body so a different angle happens.

Don’t Fake It

If you’re close to a climax, let your partner know. This will help you to slow down so the action doesn’t happen too fast. It will also help your partner work toward a simultaneous orgasm.

Keep Things Loose

Sex is better when there is more praise and less criticism. If something strange happens, a quick joke to make light of the situation can ease any tension. Then move on. Mistakes happen. Being positive with one another creates a lighthearted experience that will have both of you wanting more.


It can be easy to take sex too seriously. Being intimate is a serious experience, but there are many emotions to love. Be together. Laugh. Smile. This is how couples stay happy.

Get Out of the Routine

It’s Tuesday. The clock says 10pm. Guess it’s time for sex.

Routines can be helpful, but they also become monotonous and boring. It’s nice to surprise a partner with something different. Changing a position is nice, but changing your location can be better.

Try some role-playing if you’ve never done that before. Take a shower or a bath together. Go crazy and do it in the back of a movie theater.

Routine sex is nice. Spontaneous sex is memorable.

Foreplay Isn’t About Intercourse

Foreplay is the most important part of sex. It helps couples settle into the right mood. Good foreplay can happen days in advance. Intercourse can almost be secondary when foreplay is done right. Pay attention to your partner. Do small things to get their attention, even if sex isn’t on the agenda right away. A nice complement, a small gift, or even a meaningful hug can all lead to a lot of fun when the lights go out.

Don’t Be Stupid

Sex requires an emotional commitment. You’re giving yourself completely to someone, but they’re doing the same in return. When that trust disappears, the results can be devastating for everyone involved. Agree on boundaries for your relationship and don’t go beyond them.

If you want to have great sex, then make plans to have great sex. Add some spontaneity, communicate openly, and don’t ignore the foreplay. This is the equation that will help you and your partner have the best sex ever, every night.

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