8 Strange Facts About Love

8 Strange Facts About Love

It has been said that love is both patient and kind. That it doesn’t keep track of wrongs and is quick to forgive. To some people, love like this might seem somewhat strange. Here are some genuinely strange facts about love that are completely true.


#1. First impressions matter in love. When you meet someone new, you’ll know within the first 4 minutes of being together if you like that person or not. This is because of how people respond to another person’s body language, pheromones, and other non-verbal traits. What you say matters too, but not as much as how you say it – or if you say anything at all.


#2. People in love have synchronized heartbeats. Have you ever felt “in tune” with a significant other? The human brain has a remarkable ability to tune itself and its functions to the people with whom we are connected. Something as simple as gazing into the eyes of someone you love (and who loves you back) can have the two heartbeats synchronize with one another and beat at the same time.


#3. Falling in love is addictive. The chemicals that are produced by the brain when you feel like you’re in love and are around that person are like what the brain produces when someone is taking cocaine. The euphoria that is felt by this contact is why love can be so addictive, in good and bad ways.


#4. Love acts like ibuprofen in the body. If you’re with someone you love and cuddling with them, then the brain produces oxytocin. This hormone can decrease the pain of a headache, make joint pain go away, and provide other pain-relieving benefits. You don’t even need to engage in sexual activities to have the oxytocin be produced. All it takes is a long embrace with a loved one.


#5. The memories of love act just like present actions that involve love. If you look at a picture of yourself or a loved one, the brain conjures the circumstances around the picture or brings up a favorite memory of the loved one that you shared. These memories provide the same benefits that being in love in the present moment can provide.


#6. Love really does demand a certain type. People are naturally attracted to others who are at a similar level of physical attractiveness. If you are “batting outside of your league,” you’re more likely to be focused on lust instead of love and that type of relationship can quickly fall apart. The only exception to this rule is if one partner is attracted to the social qualities of a partner more than their physical qualities. If you’re too similar, however, it’s just as bad as being too dissimilar.


#7. Different types of love create different interpersonal reactions. When you first met someone you really liked, what happened? Did you get cold, sweaty palms? Butterflies in the stomach? Feel excited whenever that person was near? This is the “romantic” type of love. Couples experience a “committed” type of love as their relationship matures as well. If someone is “fearful” of commitment, it may be that they are not attracted to this form of love.


#8. People are attracted to the face, not the body, when looking at a long-term relationship. You might be physically attracted to someone because of their body, but it is a person’s face that draws the most attention for those who are looking to settle down.


Being with someone you love might cause stress, but it can also relieve stress when your relationship is firing on all cylinders. Expressing love can create personal happiness. It can be difficult to take a risk for a new relationship, especially if you’ve been hurt by others in the past, but the benefits far outweigh the risks when you can find someone who is willing to love you back.

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