6 Things You Never Knew About Your Nipples

6 Things You Never Knew About Your Nipples

Nipples come in all shapes and sizes. They come in many different colors. Some may be as large as a half-dollar, while others may be extremely small. This is normal.

How your nipples react to specific situations is also completely normal. If you’ve just washed your clothes and they feel tingly, it could be due to the friction of the fabric on them, a reaction to your detergent, or the fact that you’re feeling a little cold and they’ve decided to get a bit harder.


Here are some other facts that you may not have known about your nipples.


#1. Stimulating the nipples can create an orgasm.


Although this fact is rarer in men than it is in women, the stimulation of the nipples affects the same pleasure centers of the mind as intercourse or other forms of sexual contact do. This creates the possibility of achieving an orgasm solely through contact with the nipples. Giving them some contact during foreplay can also help set the stage for a powerful orgasm later during sex.


#2. Many people have more than two nipples. 


Many extra nipples tend to be mistaken for a freckle, mole, or some other mark on the body. These nipples can be stimulated in the same way as the two “normal” nipples that people are used to having and seeing. Some people can have up to 7 nipples and they may appear anywhere on the body.


#3. The bumps on a nipple help to support their health.


Nipples are bumpy around the areola because of the way the skin has been designed. There are several different types of “bumps” that people have. Some of them come from oil glands that help to protect the skin. Others may be hair follicles. There are also ducts around the nipples that work to help keep your skin cool when you’re all worked up. It’s completely normal to have them raised when feeling cold or excited just like you get “goosebumps” on your arms or legs sometimes.


#4. Their sensitivity can also be a bad thing.


The areolas are extremely sensitive to touch and friction. This is a good thing when it comes to love and sex, but it can be a bad thing if you’ve got a lot of friction going on from exercise or your clothing. Like other parts of your skin, your nipples can get dry and this can lead to chafing. If there is too much rubbing happening to them, this can lead to an injury that is like a carpet or rug burn and even cause bleeding.


#5. Too much attention to the nipples can be a bad thing too.


Nipples that receive too much attention during sex, especially if you’re having frequent sex, can also suffer an injury. Cracking, soreness, and bleeding are common reactions to having a lot of love given to your nipples. Many people have their bodies adjust to the added attention over time, but there are some people who can end up suffering chronic pain because of their sexual activities. If they do get cracked or sore, try using some petroleum jelly on them and leaving the shirt on for a few days.


#6. Men and women can lactate from their nipples. 


Breastfeeding is often thought of as a mother’s duty, but men theoretically have the potential to lactate as well. Through hormone and nipple stimulation, it is scientifically possible for lactation to occur. It generally occurs in extraordinary circumstances and most men will never experience it, but it can happen.

The nipples are wonderfully complex parts of our bodies that can do amazing thing. Give them some attention the next time you’re with your partner and see what happens.

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