Best Apps to Support Better Health

Best Apps to Support Better Health

One of the easiest ways to get yourself moving more is with a motivational app. Whether you own an Android, iOS, or Windows phone, there are several options available right now that can help you meet your fitness goals.


Here are the best free apps to support your journey toward better health that are worth downloading.


#1. MyFitnessPal


This free app allows you to keep track of the calories that you’re eating every day. It will also track the number of calories that you’re burning. You can then compare the results to see if you’re meeting your overall nutrition and exercise goals. You can use this app with several different fitness trackers as well, letting you gauge activities with your calorie numbers with ease.


#2. 7-Minute Workout


This app is offered by Johnson and Johnson and makes it easy to begin working out, especially if you’re used to being sedentary. It will adjust its difficulty level to your current fitness level so the workout is customized to what your body currently needs. Once you get beyond the 7-minute workout level, there is access to longer workouts that you can use too.


#3. Strava


If you love to fit in a daily jog or get on a bicycle to explore your community, then this fitness app could be a good option for you. It will let you know who has the best times for certain stretches of road in your community and creates a network of competition that can inspire you to work harder for your health. Anyone who uses the app will have their times tracked, so you still have a measure of privacy as you complete to be the best.


#4. Charity Miles


This app also tracks the miles you run or walk or charts your bicycle rides. The difference is that every mile you put in will create a charitable donation. Don’t worry – you’re not footing the bill for the donations. This app has corporate sponsors for that. There is more advertising on this app because of the sponsorships, but you’re also exercising for a good cause. You also get to choose the charity before getting started from a supplied list.


#5. iCardio


You’ll need to own a compatible pulse monitor to use this app, but it will give you the real stats you need to track the effectiveness of your workout. You’ll see where your heartbeat rate is throughout the entire session, letting you see how long you’ve been able to be in your maximum zone. It will also keep track of your pace, time, and distance when using it for a workout.


#6. FitStar


This app gives you customized workouts that can be based on your current fitness level. All you need to do is complete a few workouts using the app and then provide with feedback based on your experiences. Once the app knows which exercises were too easy or tough for you, it can create a specific workout that will maintain your strengths while improving your weaknesses. This app is also compatible with certain FitBit devices.


#7. Lose It


This app is designed to help you log your exercise and count your calories. It’s especially effective for those who tend to eat name-brand foods on a regular basis. Numerous devices are compatible with this app and you can import data into it from certain calories trackers too. This is a good option for those who have never counted calories before or want to track a total daily intake without much trouble.


The best apps to help you track your fitness and reach your health goals provide you with useful information. This allows you to make the changes your lifestyle may need so you can be fit. Download your preferred option today and take charge of your health.

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