Best Exercises for Physical Fitness that Anyone Can Do

Best Exercises for Physical Fitness that Anyone Can Do

The need for physical fitness does not go away just because a person gets older or struggles with certain health problems. With the right exercises, physical fitness is within reach for almost everyone. Whether you exercise on a regular basis or this is the first time you’ve thought about becoming active in forever, these are the best options that you can add to your daily routine so that your fitness goals can be met.


#1. Tai Chi


This exercise is often called a form of meditation. It is also considered to be a martial art. It is a series of movements that transition from one to the next in a smooth motion. Different levels are available to people in many communities and many classes are held in parks or other natural locations.

It is a way to find balance, especially during the natural aging process, and is easy to learn. From children to the elderly, these movements promote flexibility, encourage strength, and will keep you moving. If your community doesn’t provide a program, talk to your local community centers, a local senior center, or your health clubs.


#2. Walking


Walking is one of the most powerful exercises you can do. It encourages fitness by strengthening your joints and bones, helping your cardiovascular system, and lowering your risks for disease development. All you need to have to start walking is a comfortable pair of shoes that can appropriately support and distribute your weight.

If you haven’t been active recently, then plan on a 10-minute walk around your home to get started. Once you become comfortable with that level of activity, keep adding to it until you’re walking up to 60 minutes per day at a speed that doesn’t make you too uncomfortable.


#3. Strength Training


Many people see strength training as an activity for people who like to look at themselves in the mirror as they lift weights. That doesn’t need to be the case. As people age, strength training is more about keeping muscles strong because if you don’t use them, you’ll lose them. Strength training is also very effective at burning calories and maintaining a maximized metabolism.

Proper form is important when proceeding with a strength training program. Use light weights to get the form right so you don’t cause an inadvertent injury. Then keep increasing the amount of weight you use every week by a couple of pounds.


#4. Kegels


Every muscle deserves to be fit, including the pelvic floor muscles that support your bladder. As people age, these muscles become weak and this can lead to incontinence. Exercising them now can help to prevent this from happening.

These exercises require you to squeeze the muscles you’d use to stop urine. Hold those muscles for up to 3 seconds and then release. Repeat at least 10 times and do up to 5 sets of them per day.


#5. Swimming


If you’re struggling with the other exercises here, then go to swimming. It’s about the closest thing that you’ll get to a perfect workout. Water takes the weight off your bones and joints, giving you the fluid movements you need for proper exercise. Whether you swim, do water aerobics, or just run in the shallow end of the pool, you’ll be able to encourage better fitness with every pool session.

Many of your daily living activities involve beneficial exercise. Completing house chores, mowing the lawn, pruning trees… these all can help lead to better physical fitness. Add these exercises to your regular activities and you’ll be a lot closer to meeting your overall fitness goals.

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